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You'll get to learn from and interact directly with our team of actual of profitable traders over 3+ Years trading private investor funds, you'll get to learn from.

Nitro Forex

About Us

We are a team of 5 professional traders with many years of experience in the financial markets. We decided to build our community to help retail forex traders profits consistently we analyse market 24/7 every single day for every month using our expertise, our mission is supplying you with latest interesting signals while providing an excellent customer experience.

The Vision

Our vision since the beginning was to create a platform where Forex traders can feel at home within a community.
We want to provide useful information that would increase a trader’s performance long-term.

Journey Together

We have had the chance to journey Forex with various traders within our community that allow you to learn a new skill from home & start making a second income trading the Forex market.

Transparency & Accountability

As a customer, you can report any trades that you see were not recorded correctly and or sent incorrectly.
We will make revisions accordingly.

‘Discipline and consistency’
- The only way to truly build discipline and consistency as a trader is if you have a trading plan and a way to track if you are following your plan or not

Let’s Build Something Together